Early dust removal at high temperature from waste gases containing high quantities of particles is one increasingly common requirement for both financial and ecological reasons.

Conventional filter media made from synthetic fibres reach their limits in this field because of their inadequate temperature resistance (above 260°C) and their combustibility.

Operating at elevated temperatures confers distinct advantages:

  • Recycling of thermal energy of the exhaust gas
  • Increase of the overall efficiency
  • Prevention of re-heating the exhaust gas
  • Protection of down streamed components like recuperator, catalysts
  • Operation above dew points for acid gases, thus minimizing corrosion
  • Separation of incandescent particles

Hot gas filters are cleaned by a back flushed compressed air (jet-pulse system) either with diagnosis of the difference pressure or cyclic with a timer. Material at the candles will fall down and is collected by a spiral conveyor or a rotary star valve. In many cases this material can be reused in the process.