Products & Services

Waste Gas Treatment

Our core competence is our portfolio in Waste-Air-/Waste-Gas Treatment Systems. We are working as supplier for Turn Key Plants or as Engineering Partner (BDP - Basic Design Package or Detail Engineering Package).

Our vision is to contribute with our plants and services to preserve a worth living planet earth for future generations and maximal protection for our environment.

Plant technology

P&P Industries is active in Green Technology, heat transfer systems, heating & cooling technologies and waste air treatment systems.

We deliver either both turn-key plants or and engineering in different stages (BDP basic Engineering or detail engineering)

Plant equipment

Special P&P plant equipments are planned, dimensioned and constructed / designed in our own development division and are developed and customized in our own workshop.
Our product range:

  • Heat exchangers (carbon steel for high temperatures)
  • Honeycomb catalysts
  • Industry filters


P&P is producing hardware and software solutions for DCS and PLC systems, which are specially tuned for your applications.

With our systems the staff’s work on difficult and dangerous challenging tasks is more effective, more precise, quicker and fail-safe more successful.

All electrical and control cabinets are produced and pretested by specialists in our own workshop in Austria.


Years of experience and the use of modern and ecological technologies are the basis for efficient, safe, environmental and economic plants.
The center of our interest is a high efficiency of energy consumption to reduce energy costs and ecological damage.