Years of experience and the use of modern and ecological technologies are the basis for efficient, safe, environmental and economic plants.

The center of our interest is a high efficiency of energy consumption to reduce energy costs and ecological damage.

According to our slogan “Closing the circle” we try to run all the processes in a cycle to produce no waste.

P&P is providing the full package of engineering with our own specialists in mechanical construction, process engineering, electric engineering, automation:

  • Process Engineering (BDP, mass balances, PID, BFD, data sheets, equipments, vessels…)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Construction Design, Simulation)
  • Electrical Engineering (Automation, PLC, Control Systems, Visualization E-planning, PID, )
  • Instrumentation (dimensioning, parametrization)
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • Documentation

As flexible, modern and innovative Company we are your perfect partner for following services:

  • Bid invitations (preparation, details)
  • Acceptance
  • Measurements (electric, mechanic, process control, waste gas-, O2-; Measurement…)
  • Engineerings
  • Documentations (instruction manuals, …)
  • Constructions Design
  • Supervising
  • Electrical Design
  • Pilot plants
  • Software-development (Control systems, PLC, connection to MIS, Data bases or SAP )
  • Start-up´s
  • Services and maintenance
  • Remote Maintenance/Support