Heat Exchanger (Glass tube- Plain Tube- & Finned Tube Heat Exchanger)

P&P Industries offers in-house developed heat exchangers.

Application areas

  • process industry
  • drying industry
  • chemical industry
  • power generation
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry
  • air pre-heater for waste incineration plants
  • coolers and heaters for applications in the chemical and process industries
  • economisers (energy supply, environmental technology)

In industrial production processes, waste heat is generated in many places, which often escapes unused into the environment. In order to make the waste heat generated in production usable again, heat exchangers are used for heat recovery.

Heat recovery generates significant savings and protects the environment!

The recovered energy can, as an example, provide the necessary heating in other stages in the production process, be used to heat the premises or can be converted into electricity with the help of gas-turbines.

Saving energy always means a reduction in harmful emissions!

As one of the few suppliers in Europe, we can design and calculate your heat exchanger according to your specific needs. Depending on the media, we use different types of heat exchangers in a variety of designs and by using different carrier media (water, steam, thermal oils, thermal salts).

The right heat exchanger for every case:

  • Glass tube heat exchangers (see separate product page)
  • Plain tube heat exchanger
  • Finned tube heat exchanger

Depending on the temperature, heat can be transported more or less well by means of a variety of media.

For this purpose, we use water systems or steam systems at low temperatures, which often become uneconomical at higher temperatures due to the increasing pressure.

At temperatures above 155°C we also use thermal salt systems, which offer the great advantage of enabling heat transfer even at high temperatures without high pressure. The low pressure is of great advantage, especially with corrosive media which have to be heated or cooled.

Temperatures of up to 650°C are possible with thermal salt systems.

Another possibility is thermal oil as a carrier medium.

We would be happy to calculate your system and propose a solution specially dimensioned for your application.

Simply contact us!