We revolutionised the Wet gas Sulfuric Acid WSA Process

Do you have waste gases or liquids containing sulphur (SO2, used H2SO4 etc.)?

Do you have spent sulphuric acid?

Would you like to produce clean air – SO2 emission-free – and highly concentrated sulphuric acid 98% (H2SO4), with a SO2 conversion rate of over 99.999%.

Our revolutionised Wet gas Sulfuric Acid WSA Process can do just that!

Our Sulphur Oxidation Process SOP plants are used for cleaning of waste gas from sulphur-containing components. Our Spent Acid Regeneration SAR plants focus on the treatment of spent acid recovery - sulphuric acid regeneration e.g. in alkylation plants of petroleum refineries. Waste gas desulphurisation is always achieved.

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Sulphuric Acid Rain

This video allows a view inside a condenser in the second stage of a SAR plant for regeneration of spent acid. You see concentrated sulphuric acid 98% which condenses and rains at about 270 °C from the glass tubes of the PFA lined P&P condenser.

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Mag. Hans-Georg Reinbacher
Chief Financial Officer