P&P is organising a webinar on 8 June 2021


Utilise best-in-class conversion technology to monetise sulphur emissions

Utilise innovative technologies and expertise to create a sustainable environmental programme that monetises sulphur waste from the refining and petrochemical process

The webinar will highlight:

  • Understand how the combination of cutting-edge expertise can effectively convert sulphuric waste to commercial grade acid, SO2, SO3 or all, offering refineries and petrochemical plants a profitable waste mechanism and make an alkylation plant profitable.
  • Utilise unique practice processes to reduce emission tenfold to guarantee your refinery easily achieves emission targets and complies with regulations and understand how to stabilise acid composition through the Sulphur Oxidisation Process (SOP) and Spent Acid Regeneration (SAR) process.

Access a unique case study which shows the commercial and environmental benefits of redesigning the refineries and petrochemical industries cast filter process to offer a profitable sulphur recycling function