Visit us at the SulGas Virtual 2021


SulGas is devoted to various topics in the areas of Sulphur Recovery and Gas Treating. SulGas is the answer to the long pending need for an entirely dedicated, neutral, and high-quality technical forum in India in the areas of sulphur and gas treating. SulGas India designed to ensure maximum technical exchange between participants with minimal focus on marketing, trade, and geo-politics. There will certainly be enough avenues off the stage to discuss business.

Often, SRUs, TGUs, Amine Units and other gas treating operations are viewed as regulatory necessities and not given due importance. As we process higher sulphur crudes and approach the change over from BS-IV to BS-VI standards across all refineries in India and similar such tightening of standards in the rest of the South-East Asia region, we must find ways to remove, store and sell more sulphur. This brings a host of issues to the sulphur handling units that need identification and solutions. It is imperative now more than ever to convene as an industry to focus on understanding the problems and determining their solutions in the sulphur and gas treating industries.