NOx / SOx / VOC / CO Removal

Unleashing the power of selective catalytic reduction and total oxidation.

In the world of industry, emissions are an inevitable part of the process, together with P&P we are mitigating those risks. Our long lasting expertise in waste gas treatment is the base to ensuring that your emissions not only meet but confidently exceed statutory limits, resulting in processes that are not just efficient but gleamingly clean.

Our wide range of proven technology, standardised with customizable adjustable process engineering services, crafted with your sole needs. Whether it's precision component manufacturing or the seamless integration of turnkey facilities, we're here to be your partners in progress, helping you reach and surpass those long-term emission targets. 

Using our In-House proprietary Catalysts or those from selected partners, the following applications are tailored to meet your specific needs:

NOx Removal

Our wide range of experience in high efficient SCR with NH3 (Selective Catalytic Reduction with Ammonia) technology. This is a method to reduce NOx emissions by converting the NOx to Nitrogen (N2) and water (H20) by the reaction of NOx and Ammonia (NH3). It stands as the most effective solution for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, ensuring a cleaner industrial footprint.

SOx Removal

We have the longest and widest expertise handling S, H2S, CS2, H2SO4, H2SO3, SO2 and SO3.  SO2 removal from your gas stream is one of our key components and we offer several well proven customized standardized technology. We deliver results that not only meet but exceed environmental standards.

VOC Removal

Protecting both humanity and the environment, our solutions combat Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Whether through physical, chemical, or biological treatments, we offer methods for the recovery or destruction of VOCs, ensuring a safer and healthier atmosphere.

CO to CO2 by Catalyst

Optimize your processes with our catalyst-driven conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. It's a strategic step towards reducing harmful emissions and promoting sustainability.


Because at P&P Industries we're not just about minimizing footprints; we're about leaving a positive impact. We are here to support you where emissions are not just controlled but transformed into opportunities for sustainable growth.