Sulfuric acid technology

Make – consume – recycle – reuse: The perfect cycle for sulfuric acid.

Preserving our planet and ensuring a sustainable ecosystem for the well-being of future generations hinges on a crucial mission: minimizing emissions through the cyclical operation of processes. 

We specialize in sulfur technologies, contributing to the

  • Sulfur Oxidation Process Unit
  • Spent Acid Regeneration Unit
  • Sulfur Concentration Plant

Liquid feedstocks can be molten sulfur, low or spent sulfuric acid or other Sulfur-containing liquids that can be processed in any combination plus solids like sulfur, sulfates, metal sulfates, and even containing impurities. The end product always is highly concentrated industrial-grade sulfuric acid of 98 % or higher if necessary.

Plants of this Business Unit

"We excel in sulphuric acid equipment, offering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability worldwide.”