We are dedicated to achieving sustainable industrial solutions. Our expertise lies in green technology for a cleaner industry.

With over 20 years of global experience, we offer a range of products and plant systems for waste gas treatment, sulfuric acid technology, precious metal catalysts as well as comprehensive engineering solutions.

Our track record of delivering customized and sustainable solutions sets us apart. Our success is underpinned by our competence, entrepreneurial spirit, and profound passion for ecotechnological advancements.

P&P as your partner

Where excellence meets innovation – your ideal partner for customized, sustainable and proven solutions. With a track record of success, we offer tailored excellence for your unique needs, all while prioritizing environmental responsibility.


We precisely tailor our solutions to meet your needs, leveraging our in-house production, advanced testing facilities, and cutting-edge equipment to ensure the highest quality. 


We are renowned for sustainable processes, products, and in-house production technologies, actively promoting environmental protection and ecological responsibility.


Our products enjoy global recognition, stemming from years of experience, knowledge, and innovation. Trust our equipment to give your enterprise a competitive edge while minimizing environmental impact.

"Clean emissions demand accurate processes. We provide such processes and that’s how we close the cycle to sustainable industrial solutions.”