Sulfuric Acid Regeneration

We are worldwide #1 in plants for Spent Acid Regeneration (SAR) of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Our technology enables our customers to recover used sulfuric acid and return it to the process.

The Spent Acid Regeneration Plant (SAR) is an advanced process to treat acidic sulfur-containing impurities. It is a wet oxidation process because inlet gases are processed in the presence of water vapour. 

Maximum treatment efficiency (incl. removing particulates) from process gas can be reached by using a Single or Double Stage(s) Wet Sulfuric Acid process.

In the first reaction stage, most of the reaction from SO2 to SO3 oxidation is done. The produced SO3 inhibits conversion rates above 95 %. Typically, 97- 99%. After SO3 is removed in the first condenser the reaction can proceed with good reaction performance in the second reactor resulting in a conversion of a total 99.9 %.