Precious metal catalysts

Durable, sturdy, customized. These are the attributes of P&P’s catalysts.

Our proprietary platinum-based catalysts are promising superior oxidation reactions and alignment with the latest environmental and safety standards. At the core lies platinum, renowned for its catalytic efficiency, ensuring more reactants are converted effectively. 

Our optimized pass designs caters to individual operation needs, focusing on efficiency and scalability. These catalysts are not only robust and reliable under industrial conditions but also flexible for easy integration and adaptable to various plant layouts. 

They are a sustainable choice, with a long service life reducing the environmental impact and providing economic benefits through reduced operational expenses.


Honeycomb Support Structure 

The product features a honeycomb structure, characterized by its unique geometric pattern of interconnected cells, which optimizes surface area and structural strength.

This honeycomb design offers several advantages to clients, including enhanced catalytic efficiency due to the increased surface area, leading to more effective and rapid chemical reactions. Additionally, the structure's strength and durability ensure long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs, while its compact nature allows for easy integration into existing systems, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for various industrial applications.

Plants of this Business Unit

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