Sulfur Oxidation Plant

We design and engineer sulfuric acid concentration systems in which the dilute sulfuric acid generated is re-concentrated to the desired level for reuse.

The Sulfur Oxidation Plant is an advanced process to treat sulfur-containing waste gases and liquids. It is a wet oxidation process because inlet gases are processed in the presence of water vapour. 

We have devised a three-stage system that demonstrates the feasibility of a full transformation from SO2 to highly concentrated sulfuric acid. Opting for the wet acid process was essential to attain peak efficiency and recover almost all process heat. This preference arises from the unique capability of the wet acid process to recuperate oxidation heat from SO2 to SO3, hydration heat from SO3 to H2SO4(g), and condensation energy from H2SO4(g) to H2SO4(l).