Research & Development

Our R&D division continually improves methods, addresses material engineering challenges, and explores new technologies. We focus on catalyst design, testing, and the development of hydrogen burners, electrolytic systems, high-density energy storage, and materials analysis for sulfuric acid plants.



Utilize our onsite catalyst performance testing, surface analysis, throughput tests, toxic substance detection, and thermal degradation assessments.

Our wash coats application methodology increases catalytic surface area by up to 300% compared to conventional catalysts.


Low NOx Hydrogen Burner

In a government-funded research project, we designed and patented a new burner geometry fit for burning green hydrogen and for making use of carbonless fuels such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.

This technology will not only enhance the safety of hydrogen burners but also reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by producing the flame from premixed gases. 

The method is based on mixing both the fuel gas and the combustion air upstream before the actual combustion process and a swirl generator that stabilizes the flame by making the fuel gases rotate. Our technical center successfully tests the performance parameters of this technology.